New Surface Studio Desktop PC by Microsoft: Why you need it

After taking over tablets and laptops, Microsoft wants to take over your creative workspace. In a few words, the new Surface Studio desktop PC is a desktop version of a desktop-replacing tablet.

But of course, as of any new device there are certain pros and cons that are not going to stop you from getting it, if you are their target market and you overall like it, but you certainly need to take into account to compare this “newbie” to other devices already on the market and see what works better for your specific needs.

Have you started making your list? Here is ours, hope it helps:

Why do you need the new Microsoft Studio desktop PC?

  • For its Zero Gravity hinch technology -wait, gravity what?- It is supposed to mean that the monitor floats in zero gravity and stays there, and is effortless to move to the exact position you want, point forwards, backwards, tilt it any way you want and even you can put it into the lowest settings and pretty much lie on top of it. Pretty impressive.
  • Surface Dial. It works as a scroller on a jog dial off the display and it opens up contextual menus based on the application you’re using. All contextual menus are customizable so you can push it like a button to bring a radial menu, zoom or push and held to control the volume of your music.
  • Did we mention the monitor resolution? With a screen packing 13.5 million pixels at a resolution of 4500 x 3000 the monitor is waaaaay denser than your average 3840 x 2160 display. The Studio monitor also comes with a better color reproduction called “True color” godsend for Illustrators, Designers, Cartoonist, etc.

 Why you don’t need the new Microsoft Studio desktop PC?

  • The monitor comes with a 5MP front camera and a 10MP rear camera. Not really impressive, some smartphones back in 2013  had better cameras. Definitely not its best feature.
  • The Surface Pen. There are some mixed opinions on whether or not this is a more simplistic pen than Wacom pens. It does its job but lacks the “wow” factor everyone expects. Is it bad? No, but is just not that amazing as, for example their pixelsense display.
  • A microphone array for Cortana use. Like a friend of a friend who always somehow tags along. Nobody asked for her, and she is not really wanted. Who needs Cortana anyways?

What do you think? Let us know on the comments below what do you like the most, or why you would not get it. And remember that EOX Technology Solutions is always available for you on any of our social channels.

You saw it here first, but for an in depth review you can check out The Verge review.

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