Four years ago, Immunosite searched intensely and for a long time to find a partner to build and support our IT infrastructure. Today, we look back and confidently support our decision to partner with EOX for IT services. EOX supports our phones, computers, cybersecurity, and ,more with the utmost professionalism and the timely attention that we need to keep our business operating 24/7.

Carlos Aparicio
CEO, Immunosite Technologies

EOX provides fast, smart IT support for my law firm. I rely on EOX for economical phones and data; and tough cybersecurity. I rest easy knowing that all my technology needs are handled by a prompt, dedicated staff of professionals. I place great trust in EOX for myself, my staff and my clients. EOX has always met the challenge.

They have my highest recommendation.

Brian Adler
Attorney-At-Law, Law Office of Brian H. Adler

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans are so important for a company, and being in a regulated industry, we must maintain control of our records for decades. I can sleep at night knowing that our company data and records are backed up, secure, and retrievable at all times. EOX Technologies provides us with peace of mind because they built and maintain a resilient IT system for us.

Julie Wilkinson
CEO, Life Science Consulting

Entire EOX team is amazing, They have been Jonny-on-the-spot since the first phone call. Their response time is quickest I have seen and they always address our issues the first time. Highly recommended.

Brian Lackey
CIO, Intermarine Boats

The technicians have patience and good follow through. They stuck with the challenges and stay on the phone until the job is completed.

Ivelisse Torres
Chief Researcher, Sincerus Pharmacy

Techs totally go the extra mile with me. They don’t just throw the issue back into my hands which I very much appreciate it. Super star IT techs!

Jennifer Molina
Office Manager, Vividus

We were taken advantage of by one IT Company after another. Everybody would apply Band-Aid of their own design and after 10 years of doing this situation was a complete mess. No one build our network the right way and every IT Company had people who “figured it out” instead of being fully educated in their field. EOX came in with a bulldozer, took everything done and rebuilt it. And they charged $0 for it! Ever since then our network has been working like never before. There is also something to be said about not charging for hourly work but instead having flat fee. Now our problems are not an opportunity for our IT Company to make a quick buck, but are issues that are costing them too. EOX makes sure we are always running smooth because they are the ones paying for it, no matter what happens.

Steve Ratkowski
Vice President, Florida Jet Center

We love the service you have given to us, and frankly can’t do without having you repair and answer questions with one phone call. This makes my life easier! I love having you as my technicians, you always help me out. You are always available and always go the extra mile. No, make that 2 extra miles!

Carin Puglisi
Office Manager, L'Ambiance Condominius

Not only did EOX help us with our IT development, thanks to their Security services we had less to worry about. We are not dreading compliance audits anymore. They are a breeze since EOX took over. Outstanding documentation and processes. And backup system they installed is absolutely amazing. From the most insignificant notes to our most critical systems, EOX made sure that EVERYTHING was backed up. And the best test of this was a flood we had in our main office. Although a large amount of equipment was lost, we were up and running on our laptops and in the cloud in half an hour! And we were working like that for 3 weeks while our office was down. As far as I am concerned, that is the reason why we are still here today.

Oscar Gonzalez
CEO, Cortado Development

For us at Greyson Capital it all comes down to a matter of having access and speed, being able to access to files, and do it quickly. That is where it all comes down to. Once we are able to do that and get online, everything we do it is virtually done, so we are pulling down and shopping quotes and rates from different companies and uploading and downloading files and that is basically what our business is all about. We went with EOX because we were looking for an all in one solution. So we did not have to go around and shop for 15 different companies: one for phones, one for data, one for computers, one for cloud services, etc. We were looking for one company that could do all of it. That was one of the reason why we went with EOX.

Mark Wilson
President, Greyson Capital

We didn’t know how bad we were until we heard what EOX was offering. We had no idea how bad it was: Hardware issues, Software issues, time wasted. Since we started with EOX, we have realized how much weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We could finally work without interruptions. EOX is the total one stop shop: Hardware, software and vendor issues in one place. Everybody always wants to refer you back to the source (Call Comcast, call QuickBooks, call PC manufacturer). EOX does EVERYTHING.

Gail Torres
Office Manager, Suburban Pool Stores

I feel the weight is off my shoulders because I’m no longer the person everybody addresses to when they have a problem with their computers; before I would get a lot of “Chad, my computer went down.” With EOX this has stopped. EOX is only a phone call away and typically the problem is solved during that phone call. This gives me a piece of mind. Before, our employees would have to call the IT guy to come on site if I was not there, even if it would turn out that they simply had to turn the computer on. Now with EOX anyone can call to report an issue that can be resolved on the spot even if I’m not in the office. This way whatever and whenever anything happens, we don’t have to wait for somebody to come; with EOX the problem is taken care of over the phone. Of course that there are instances when somebody has to come on site, but the majority of issues is handled over the phone, and all of this is all included in our monthly bill. Thanks to EOX our employees feel a lot more secure and confident knowing that EOX can help them in a fast and efficient way.

Chad Gardner
Operations Manager, Horizon Pool & Patio

EOX resolved our issues almost instantly. The technicians are always friendly and take their time explaining why the problems we had come up and how to solve them in an easy and fast way

Adam Corin
President, Niroc Consultants

What we like best about EOX is the fact that they are easy to reach whenever we have a problem and that the technicians always have a fast and efficient solution for all of our problems. Specially David, if I could I would clone him! A key element of EOX, is that its staff skip all of the geek talk and break down all of the information, step-by-step, this way all of our employees at ABT understand what they are talking about. I would definitely recommend EOX to my colleagues.

Ziad Hamandi
President and CEO, ABT Medical

We had no idea that an IT Service provider would improve the business’s overall efficiency, but EOX has done it. By bringing our technical issues to a minimum, they have made our work easier, and the best thing is that if a problem does come up they are only a call away. And in our case, tech is on site inside of 30 min.

Dr. Scott Herman
Owner, Tropical Chiropractic