Month: March 2019

Three Security Trends On The Rise

With the world more connected than ever and companies continuing to back burner security issues, the forecast points to a critical storm. Cyber security experts predicted an increase in the sophistication of attacks and a greater breakdown in security measures on a global scale. But not all is bad news, we learned some very important lessons […]

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Three Recommendations Against Identity Theft

From phishing scams and viruses to social engineering and password theft, the everyday business computer receives daily attacks on multiple fronts. Hackers and criminals employ multiple tactics to break into computers and steal personal information. Everyday.   The biggest financial threat these days comes from cyber attacks, rather than physical robberies. Good news is, there […]

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Pinterest Acquires Jelly

Pinterest recently acquired Jelly, an App that lets people ask questions and then uses an algorithm to pair them with experts to give answers. Pinterest said the startup’s skills will help expand its online search tools including a new feature called Lens that conducts a search based on what’s in a photo, and says it […]

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