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There is a large overlap between IT services and Audio services. Professional wiring, signal clarity, connection stability… Those exist on both sides, but what makes EOX Technology Solutions a right choice is that we do not just install and leave. High tech testing and calibration is the edge that not a lot of installers have. Equipment that can pick up signal loss or audio bouncing is tremendously expensive but we deploy it at every installation we do. That way you do not only get audio equipment but a complete 3D “heat” map of where the sound ways bounce around and what causes distortions.


EOX Technology Solutions is your trusted partner in high end audio deployment. Our dedicated support team will provide you with unbelievable experience with your favorite music.

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Areas Covered

EOX Technology Solutions offers high end audio installation, On-site sales and Consulting in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and surrounding areas.

We are local IT and Audio experts who can provide support and consultations on-site: Fort Lauderdale High End Audio, Miami Home Theater Consultations, West Palm Beach Home Audio Consulting, Broward Sound Systems, Dade Wiring, Palm Beach Audio Installations, Boca Raton High End Audio Sales, and Delray Beach Home Audio Services.

EOX Technology Solutions’ High End audio services offers up front pricing, and complete lack of surprises. Transform your music experience today.