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5 Cases Of Voice-Activated Chatbot Use

The broader use of chatbots has allowed consumers to get answers to their most important questions in real-time. These chatbots are now being used as virtual assistants, making it easy for us to place orders, voice concerns, as well as ask questions about brands, products, and service.   Chatbot services first appeared as text-based conversations […]

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Data Breach Preparedness Plan – Why You Need One

Data presents several positive benefits for customers and businesses—enabling great insights for companies to better serve their customers. However, as the amount of data grows daily, several businesses are now acknowledging that there is a high likelihood they will experience a data breach incident that would impact the customer experience. This acknowledged risk would indicate […]

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New Malicious Viruses You Should Know

The mention of virus, root kits, Trojans, email bombs, Boot Nukers, Worms, Key loggers, picture infectors, web hijackers, advert malware, intrusive spyware, buffer overflow exploitations and other such terms is enough to scare almost every user today. Each day we fear that a new type of bug is ready to infect, exploit or damage our […]

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