Conduct business anywhere with EOX Cloud-Based Hosted VoIP

EOX Technology Solutions offers cutting edge cloud-based hosted VoIP. Cloud-based hosted VoIP provides affordability, flexibility, and reliability in your business communications. It is delivered without bulky hardware and expensive setup, unlike traditional PBX systems. Installation for both single or multiple locations is quick and seamless because hosted VoIP is cloud-based.

Elevate your business communications with over 150 enterprise-level features.

You’ll experience the following benefits with Cloud-Based Hosted VoIP:

Easily Connect Employees – Regardless of where your employees are located, unite them on a single unified phone system with EOX’s Hosted PBX services.
24×7 Support – Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year anytime you need us.
Time and Cost Savings – Hosting VoIP removes the need to purchase equipment, software and licensing, which reduces upfront investments up to 60%. Regular updates and maintenance are included and happen automatically.
Scale Freely – Cloud-based VoIP is a simple and affordable solution to growing your organization with its plug-and-play capability. Add phones across several locations on the same system seamlessly as your business grows.

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