3 Ways Technology Improves The Human Resources
Many business leaders argue that technology is taking the “human” aspect out of human resources. However, from recruiting to hiring to connecting teams worldwide, the argument can be made that technology is greatly improving the human experience.
Automation leaves more time to interaction and we all need that, right?
1. Automation leaves time for human connection.
Human connection is the end goal for business leaders, and HR tech is providing them the time to grow meaningful relationships.
2. Connects employees worldwide.
The immersion of video in HR tech is fast evolving how leaders do business worldwide. Gayle Wiley, chief people officer at Lifesize, a video, audio and web-conferencing company based in Austin, puts her company to the test by using video conferencing for her recruiting needs.
“Externally, I use video-conferencing for interviewing candidates who are not located nearby,” Wiley explained. “Internally, it is my main communications vehicle for conducting productive meetings with our entire global workforce — for performance reviews, town hall meetings, onboarding of new employees, training and development and more.” With today’s increasingly dispersed workforce, one-click face-to-face interactions are crucial in building the human experience. Co-workers who were once able to connect only over the phone or via email are now able to see one another and interact as though they were in the same room.
Tip: If possible, try the following exercise: Spend a few days communicating with people in your office via phone, email and on messaging platforms. Then, after a day or two of limited facial contact, connect with people via video.
Take notice of the deeper connection with co-workers that’s restored through your return to face-to-face discussion. Now, imagine the connections being missed due to the absence of these personalized interactions.
3. Improves personalization.
With evolving tools, employers are able to take what were once limited standard procedures and create improved, more expansive experiences for their teams. Such experiences are especially relevant for employee perks and benefits.
Tip: With tools like Maestro Health, an employee health and benefits platform, employers are able to offer complete solutions in a personalized and simpler format. The platform allows users to be shown and to choose from a variety of health benefits to find the ones that are right for them.
Whether in the health and benefits arena or as part of the overarching employee experience, employees want perks that meet their individualized needs — not everyone else’s. With HR tech, they now have the tools to do this through improved, personalized human experiences.


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