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Proud Member of The 20

The 20 stems from the 80/20 rule which states that the top 20 percent of companies in an industry dominate that specific industry. This means that the remaining 80 percent of companies in that industry are either working towards being in the top 20 percent or are irrelevant. EOX Technology Solutions is a proud member of The 20, an elite group of MSPs (Managed Service Providers) in North America.




Need a reliable IT guy or don’t have an in-house IT department? Don’t worry! EOX Technology Solutions is your technology partner with a knowledgeable technical team ready to provide you a real return on your IT investment. For a simple and predictable flat rate, we offer innovative solutions and 24x7x365 support that will be sure to boost your productivity while lowering costs.

  • Stop the search for dependable IT Support in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.
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As your technology partner, EOX Technology Solutions allows you to:

Increase Productivity – consistent uptime equates to effective work time
Protect Assets – providing asset protection based on your industry’s standards
Focus On Business – we remove technology concerns from your plate while ensuring optimal performance
Have Peace of Mind – 24x7x365 live answer IT support any time you need it


Leave your IT Support in the hands of EOX Technology Solutions. With a complete team of trained IT professionals, learn why companies of all sizes across Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach trust EOX Technology Solutions with its IT, network and cybersecurity needs.