A small business owner’s guide for finding competent, honest, professional, considerate, dependable, on-time, and fairly-priced computer consultant


Guide to IT Services

Read this book and you’ll discover:

✓ 5 types of IT support available along with pros and cons of each.
✓ 5 important facts you should know before moving to the cloud.
✓ How to prevent from getting ripped off, paying for substandard work, and being disappointed.
✓ 12 red flags that you’ve hired the wrong computer consultant.
✓ Worms, spyware, viruses, and hackers: how to protect your business from invasion.
✓ All you need to know about rate negotiations, contracts, and payment schedules.
✓ 21 important questions you should ask an IT consultant before providing access to your network.
✓ Reasons to avoid “bargain” or “cheap” computer repair shops.
✓ Ways to turn technology into a business advantage instead of a drain on your money, time, and resources.
✓ Reasons why your business needs managed IT services.

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