What You Need To Know About Data Breaches

Data breaches cost the US healthcare industry over $6 billion a year.

In the last two years, 94% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach, with 40% reporting at least five breaches.

Despite the prevalence and cost, over half of the healthcare organizations in the US still do not have the technologies or expertise needed to prevent or quickly detect a data breach.

Did you know that 19 out of 20 organizations had at least one breach in the last 2 years? Medical identity theft victims spend an average of $13,500 to restore their credit, reimburse healthcare providers and correct inaccuracies in their healthcare records.

Why are more criminals targeting the healthcare industry?

Patient records are estimated to be worth 50x what a credit card number is worth on the black market.

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Want to know more about data breaches? Check this infographic below.


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