Toasters Can Be Hacked, So Can Smart Devices
Sixteen years have passed since the only thing you have to do to install viruses was connect to the internet. Now with Firewalls being a standar part of Windows those days are only part of the good old days – for hackers, of course.
“Rooting” a device means having administrative rights on the file system of the device. With root access you can install and uninstall anything on a phone, for example. In the case of phones, usually manufacturers do not give you unlimited access to the operating system to avoid accidentally uninstall or mess with something you should not touch.
So, when you “root” your device you are just unlocking the operating system privileges the manufacturer has blocked. You are basically “hacking” into your own phone. If a hacker “hacks into your phone” is because you didn’t have enough protection, and that reflects nothing but lack of interest in protecting your data because it is SO EASY to protect your information nowadays.
But what happens if you connect a toaster to the internet? (yes, a toaster!) The crew of The Atlantic Magazine connected a toaster and it was hacked in an hour. Hackers are out there….even trying to get into toasters. Now again, why do you think your data is safe? Think about the number of sloppy things we all have done in the past, security wise and evaluate if this time you are not making that small mistake that will leave your data unprotected in the vastness of the internet.
How important is your data? Let us know if you want to protect in the best of ways that huge treasure that is your information.


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