Microsoft's "Socl" Is Closing Down
2010 was the year when everybody tried to compete with Facebook. Remember Google Buzz, Socl, Daily Booth? So many other other social network projects even died before 2009… but what went wrong? In most cases it was lack of security and fun or helpful features.
Let’s take the little-known platform called Socl as an example, this social network claimed not to compete with Facebook or Twitter directly, but rather augment these services : “ Socl is actually quite complementary to such sites. Socl features a suite of “apps” which enable people to express and share ideas through a variety of post types, organized into collections Posts on Socl are extremely easy to create and share (on Socl and on other networks).” 
In case you do not know what it is about, you can create “from rich visual collages to short animated media, express yourself through posts that take seconds to create, collect and share (on Socl, as well as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter). ” So, it works basically as an App, rather than a social network.  
Still to this day it is very confusing to figure out what exactly they wanted to build in the first place, (a facebook-like network with a pinterest-like platform with features we can find in so many other apps?) we think that is one of the reasons why is closing on March 15th: ” Socl has been a wonderful outlet for creative expression, as well as a place to enjoy a supportive community of like-minded people, sharing and learning together. In supporting you, Socl’s unique community of creators, we have learned invaluable lessons in what it takes to establish and maintain community as well as introduce novel new ways to make, share and collect digital stuff we love.  From the very beginning, we’ve been amazed by your creativity, openness, and positivity. Thank you so very much for sharing your inspirations with us. “
Were you part of this social network? Will you miss them?  Tell us your experience!


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