4 Passwords You Should Never Use
Owning a business means owning data. You’re constantly acquiring new information related to your customers and financial details, as well as all the vendors and contractors with whom you work. However, one cybercriminal or one lucky hack can expose your business to a major blow. From lost trust among your clients to costly lawsuits for the damage done, protecting your company from data theft is among your most important responsibilities.
Much of this risk hinges on one simple choice you make: passwords.
Arguably, this is the number-one and most common bad choice. Also prevalent are variations such as P@ssword and P@55w0rd!. These might be easy to remember, but they’re also among the first options hackers will try.
Or, 98765. Or, 4567. You get the picture–no consecutive numbers (and the same goes for sequential letter combinations). You can only count on passwords such as these to expose your business to digital theft.
If your shop is called Serafina’s Weddings, don’t set your password as SerafinasWeddings1. That would be an easy choice for hackers looking to break into your valuable data.
Date of Birth
Thanks to the internet, it doesn’t take much effort to find a person’s date of birth. Birthdays, birthdates, years of birth–all of them make for readily attainable passwords and are poor choices for your company.
Steer clear of the not-so-magnificent seven above, and protect your data with hard-to-guess constructions. With a strong password strategy, you’re well on your way to foiling online attacks


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