New Nokia 3310: The Good, The Bad and The Worst
“The icon is back” or better said, a redesign of the 2000’s icon: “The new Nokia 3310 takes the iconic silhouette of the original and reimagines it for 2017. The custom designed user interface brings a fresh look to a classic, whilst the 2.4” polarized and curved screen window makes for better readability in sunlight.” 
If only Technology aged as well as George Clooney…
It looks nice on the outside but lets be real, it does not fit our needs anymore. Can you imagine using a 2G browser? sounds like hell, we know. But, is it all bad about this icon of the past? These are the most important features:
-2G connectivity for calling and texting – WOW 
-All-new UI with nods to the original
-New version of Snake
Awesome battery life:
-Max. talk time: Up to 22.1 hours – This is pretty good
-Max. standby time: Up to 31 day – This is good too!
-FM radio and MP3 player for music – Radio, what is that? Hello, Norway 😀
-16 MB storage4 plus a MicroSD card slot with support up to 32 GB – To store your pictures taken with a 2MP camera
We would say the battery life is the only WOW  feature on this phone, and no other on the market can beat that. We think that nostalgia when applied to consumer electronics is a risky move for companies, because we always want the newest inventions, the latest gadgets that would simplify our everyday lives in all ways possible, not a phone with limited resources that will do as much as an electronic keychain – although, having a newer version of “snake” it is really exciting!
But is it all about Nostalgia in the case of the new Nokia? We think not all is bad about this phone. The new Nokia 3310 can last up to 22 hours talk time, which gives us an idea of who would find it actually useful:
Those who only call and receive calls – for whatever reason- and send some text messages every now and then
-Those who are not really interested in chatting or “whatssap-ing” 
-Developing countries, because believe it or not, A LOT of people around the world is not able to buy a smartphone that easily.
Another alternate use will be to have it as a back up phone, but lets be real: we all have an extra smartphone in a drawer, either your previous phone or something you got as a gift from an internet provider, etc. 
Are you getting this phone to use it or to place it right next to your vintage turntable?
Stay connected, we will make sure to announce first when cassette tapes make a comeback 😛


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