What is "New" on the New Apple's Mac Book Pro?
It has been a pretty good week for the Apple’s newly released Mac Book Pro, they have sold almost four times the amount of devices as Microsoft’s Surface Book, Chromebook Flip and so many more like the Lenovo Yoga 900. But, do these successful selling numbers reflect the  future sustainability of the Mac Book Pro Range? Maybe not.
When you look and inspect in depth the updates and the new additions, there are not much to see at all. The only visible “update” is the Touch Bar but it feels outdated and out of place, instead of making the creative work easy it makes it complicated and a little bizarre. Why would you want to be looking down, when all your work is on the screen? While other companies are working on a Quantum computer (hello, Google!), Apple users have to go six years back into the past with this Touch Bar? It would have been great if only it was placed up in the screen and not down in the keyboard.
Some other minor inconveniences surround these new laptop, nothing serious but just so you know, you would not be able to plug your lightning headphones that come with your iPhone to the Mac Book Pro; you would have to buy additional cables.
Also, it doesn’t come with an SD card slot – wait, what? – which makes us wonder, what is the purpose of it, is it for making more profit? Because there is no point in making it so difficult, why excluding an SD card slot? why not a universal cord for everything? That sounds more like a real update to us!
We are not trying to bash on Apple or Apple users, we are with you, we also consumers and we expected more. The Mac Book Pro itself is not bad, is just not exciting and definitely not an upgrade from the previous Mac Book Pro. Apple consumers are not just hipsters that need the newest Apple device to sit next to their kale+alkaline water detox smoothie. There is so much more than that and it is a shame that Apple doesn’t seem to know their demographics, they are selling to just a portion of the market while other companies take that unwanted market and make a good profit out of it. 
Our last thoughts on the new Mac Book Pro: if you already own ANY Apple laptop, you are not missing anything with this one. Look for another options, we can assure you there are many.
Get yourself together, we miss you Apple.
What do you think? Leave us a comment below if you agree or let us know why you have a different opinion, we would love to know!


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