The New Google's Chromecast Ultra
Google will release this month the newest version of its very popular streaming device, the Chromecast. It is called Chromecast Ultra and will be able to stream 4K content from almost anywhere (Netflix, Youtube, Google Play Movies, etc). It claims to be the fastest Chromecast to date, regardless if you have a 4K TV or not. But what exactly is considered a 4K TV? It is usually confused with Ultra HD TVs and both often used as synonims. But there is a slightly difference: “Used correctly, 4K describes the 4,096 x 2160 resolution first introduced in digital cinemas. UHD refers to the 3,840 x 2,160 resolution you’ll find in 16:9 ratio TVs, which is what you actually take home.

That means 4K is the wrong term for 3,840 x 2,160 displays and content, but it is used so often that the distinction has been all but lost. For most people, the two terms are interchangeable.”

But what if you do not have a 4K TV, will still work? The answer is yes, you can still make a good use of it even though the image resolution will not change, the streaming will be faster because it has an ethernet power adapter that will make the job easier. Or at least that’s the idea, let’s wait for its launch to see how improved this is from its predecessor.
What do you think? Would you put your hands on the new Chromecast Ultra?


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