Google Assistant Now Available for Android
The days when Google Assistant was only available in the Pixel – the very first phone made from top to bottom by Google- are behind.
Google has released this App to any device that runs Marshmallow (6.0) or Nougat (7.0). You could always get the Google Assistant in Allo, but it was very limited in what was possible, and nobody wants to run a specific chat app for it. Now it’s always ready to answer questions, find you photos, and connect more deeply to your Google data.
Now you might be wondering, how can I get? These are the steps to follow and some basic information you need to know:
“The Google Assistant comes to your phone through an update to Google Play Services. This allows Google to push it out directly, as Play Services includes APIs and other developer tools updated independently from the typically anemic Android operating system device update process.
When it arrives, you’ll get a notification that you have a new friend in the Google Assistant. Just like with Google’s voice search, it can be summoned instantly with an “OK Google” voice command or by pressing and holding the home button. As for the basics, you can issues a series of voice commands or ask questions and expect a direct action or answer.”
Easy peasy. Ready to ask yourself how you could made it through life so far without this App? 
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