Recommended Apps To Achieve Your Fitness Goals
New year, new resolutions. How easy it is to create resolutions, and how difficult to keep them! Sometimes we don’t have time or our time is not well organized, whatever the case might be most of the time we end up giving up before we have started. Maybe we need a work out friend, or a personal trainer…or maybe we just need to organize our time with the right Apps.
There are thousands of Apps that can help us to achieve those -reocurrent- new year fitness resolutions, you can check them and chose the ones that better adapt to your lifestyle and goals. 
Here are some of the Apps we love, and will definitely use to stay this awesome all year long:
  • Google Calendar. Yes, our old friend has a new feature called “Goals” that can easily help you schedule work out times on your busy day. This new feature can also help you to learn a new language, or make time during the day for an activity you love and don’t do because you think you don’t have time. Google knows better, this feature will find you the time to do it.


  • Sworkit. Now that Google finds you the block of time you need to exercise, what do you do? Go to the park, to the gym, do yoga… the options are endless and if you don’t really know what exactly you need to do, or what you like to do, this App will give you many options that you can do at home, at the park, at the beach, etc.


  • Nike + Run Club. If you LOVE running, this is perfect for you. It connects you with other people from around the world running at the same time as you. It also tracks your speed, place, location, distance, everything you need to control your runs. It also has a feature where you can set goals and it works as a personalized coach.


  • My Fitness Pal – Free Calorie Counter. This App is not new by any means but it gets updated every three months or so and it works wonders! It is simple yet super efficient, you just set your calorie goals and add your meals daily. This app will not only tell you how many calories you’re eating but also how much sugar, protein and fiber you’re eating from those calories. It is a great tool to know where your calories come from and lower the intake of foods we thought were healthy but are really not. 


  • Spotify. Yes, because music is life and you simply cannot work out without good music. It is scientifically proven that music helps you stay motivated. There are so many great playlists to chose from and there is also “Spotify Running” which is not exactly you typical playlist, it is like a library of DJ’s instrumental mixes that would help you to stay focused. 
These are recommendations based on what our team loves, but we want to know, what do you love? what would you recommend to us? We would love to hear from you.


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