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The New Google's Chromecast Ultra
November 22 2018 0 comment

The New Google's Chromecast Ultra

Google will release this month the newest version of its very popular streaming device, the Chromecast. It is called Chromecast Ultra and will be able to stream 4K content from almost anywhere (Netflix, Youtube, Google Play Movies, etc). It claims to be the fastest Chromecast to date, regardless if you have a 4K TV or not. But what exactly is considered a 4K TV? It is usually confused with Ultra HD TVs and both often used as synonims. But there is a slightly difference: "Used correctly, 4K describes the 4,096 x 2160 resolution first introduced in digital cinemas. UHD refers to the 3,840 x 2,160 resolution you'll find in 16:9 ratio TVs, which is what you actually take home.

That means 4K is the wrong term for 3,840 x 2,160 displays and content, but it is used so often that the distinction has been all but lost. For most people, the two terms are interchangeable."

But what if you do not have a 4K TV, will still work? The answer is yes, you can still make a good use of it even though the image resolution will not change, the streaming will be faster because it has an ethernet power adapter that will make the job easier. Or at least that's the idea, let's wait for its launch to see how improved this is from its predecessor.
What do you think? Would you put your hands on the new Chromecast Ultra?


AT&T-Time Warner Merger
November 02 2018 0 comment

AT&T-Time Warner Merger

When companies merge, their main reason is to become more competitive or to expand their services. That's the reason that makes most sense...most of the time. But if we think very detailed about the AT&T-Time Warner merge, there is no reason, or at least a logical reason why they planned to merge, because AT&T faces almost no real competition.
Bernie Sanders wrote a letter to the Acting Assistant Attorney General Hesse, asking to stop the AT&T-Time warner merger beacuse it is consequential for our democracy. We feel you Bernie, we feel you. But how is that merge consequential to our democracy? you might be wondering.
CEO Randall Stephenson says "We entered this transaction for many reasons, but those reasons all boil down to one thing — we want to get the most content to the most people at the lowest prices, delivered on any screen, particularly mobile” Sounds to us like a very soft way to describe Monopoly. Doesn't it?
In theory, only horizontal integration can lead to monopoly, but in the case of media nowadays this so called "vertical integration" isn't just another type -or a bastard son- of monopoly? Media cannot be compared to a production company that specializes in, for example, packing potato chips and only potato chips. Media can only be compared to a company producing potato chips, canned coconut water, underwear, toys, shoes, medicines, home decor items, etc. So, vertical integration in media companies is just an illusion.
You would think that the first time the Bell System was broken up back in 1984 would be enough. But somehow, all the baby bells want to be the big family they once were, whether that is with their "real relatives" or not. Nostalgia or money/power interest. You decide.
Why this merge will be bad for you as a customer (and why Bernie Sanders thinks is consequential to our democracy):
  • You will be left with just a couple of options: What is left if they merge? pretty much just a few other companies. Your options will be noticeable limited and you will have to accept whatever services they offer at the price they want.
  • Customer service standards: If they become even bigger, do you think customer service will be a priority? We don't think so
  • Bigger not always means better: We don't really know if all these new services will be charged or if your current bill will increase at all because of the "updgrades". Did we mention poor customer service? (yes, we did) And, have you thought about all the influence they will have? Influence in almost anything (Mega Corp™ much?)
These are our thoughts, feel free to let us know in the comments below what do you think. We'd LOVE to hear your opinion.


What is "New" on the New Apple's Mac Book Pro?
November 09 2018 0 comment

What is "New" on the New Apple's Mac Book Pro?

It has been a pretty good week for the Apple's newly released Mac Book Pro, they have sold almost four times the amount of devices as Microsoft's Surface Book, Chromebook Flip and so many more like the Lenovo Yoga 900. But, do these successful selling numbers reflect the  future sustainability of the Mac Book Pro Range? Maybe not.
When you look and inspect in depth the updates and the new additions, there are not much to see at all. The only visible "update" is the Touch Bar but it feels outdated and out of place, instead of making the creative work easy it makes it complicated and a little bizarre. Why would you want to be looking down, when all your work is on the screen? While other companies are working on a Quantum computer (hello, Google!), Apple users have to go six years back into the past with this Touch Bar? It would have been great if only it was placed up in the screen and not down in the keyboard.
Some other minor inconveniences surround these new laptop, nothing serious but just so you know, you would not be able to plug your lightning headphones that come with your iPhone to the Mac Book Pro; you would have to buy additional cables.
Also, it doesn't come with an SD card slot - wait, what? - which makes us wonder, what is the purpose of it, is it for making more profit? Because there is no point in making it so difficult, why excluding an SD card slot? why not a universal cord for everything? That sounds more like a real update to us!
We are not trying to bash on Apple or Apple users, we are with you, we also consumers and we expected more. The Mac Book Pro itself is not bad, is just not exciting and definitely not an upgrade from the previous Mac Book Pro. Apple consumers are not just hipsters that need the newest Apple device to sit next to their kale+alkaline water detox smoothie. There is so much more than that and it is a shame that Apple doesn't seem to know their demographics, they are selling to just a portion of the market while other companies take that unwanted market and make a good profit out of it. 
Our last thoughts on the new Mac Book Pro: if you already own ANY Apple laptop, you are not missing anything with this one. Look for another options, we can assure you there are many.
Get yourself together, we miss you Apple.
What do you think? Leave us a comment below if you agree or let us know why you have a different opinion, we would love to know!


New Surface Studio Desktop PC by Microsoft: Why you need it
October 27 2018 0 comment

New Surface Studio Desktop PC by Microsoft: Why you need it

After taking over tablets and laptops, Microsoft wants to take over your creative workspace. In a few words, the new Surface Studio desktop PC is a desktop version of a desktop-replacing tablet.

But of course, as of any new device there are certain pros and cons that are not going to stop you from getting it, if you are their target market and you overall like it, but you certainly need to take into account to compare this “newbie” to other devices already on the market and see what works better for your specific needs.

Have you started making your list? Here is ours, hope it helps:

Why do you need the new Microsoft Studio desktop PC?

  • For its Zero Gravity hinch technology -wait, gravity what?- It is supposed to mean that the monitor floats in zero gravity and stays there, and is effortless to move to the exact position you want, point forwards, backwards, tilt it any way you want and even you can put it into the lowest settings and pretty much lie on top of it. Pretty impressive.
  • Surface Dial. It works as a scroller on a jog dial off the display and it opens up contextual menus based on the application you’re using. All contextual menus are customizable so you can push it like a button to bring a radial menu, zoom or push and held to control the volume of your music.
  • Did we mention the monitor resolution? With a screen packing 13.5 million pixels at a resolution of 4500 x 3000 the monitor is waaaaay denser than your average 3840 x 2160 display. The Studio monitor also comes with a better color reproduction called “True color” godsend for Illustrators, Designers, Cartoonist, etc.

 Why you don’t need the new Microsoft Studio desktop PC?

  • The monitor comes with a 5MP front camera and a 10MP rear camera. Not really impressive, some smartphones back in 2013  had better cameras. Definitely not its best feature.
  • The Surface Pen. There are some mixed opinions on whether or not this is a more simplistic pen than Wacom pens. It does its job but lacks the “wow” factor everyone expects. Is it bad? No, but is just not that amazing as, for example their pixelsense display.
  • A microphone array for Cortana use. Like a friend of a friend who always somehow tags along. Nobody asked for her, and she is not really wanted. Who needs Cortana anyways?

What do you think? Let us know on the comments below what do you like the most, or why you would not get it. And remember that EOX Technology Solutions is always available for you on any of our social channels.

You saw it here first, but for an in depth review you can check out The Verge review.

Vulnerability on 4G LTE allows hackers to spy on your phone
November 02 2018 0 comment

Vulnerability on 4G LTE allows hackers to spy on your phone

A lot of people talk about 4G LTE networks, but do we really know what we are referring to? To explain more in depth the real problem that this vulnerability is causing, let's clear out these terms first. 4G LTE is not one but two terms: 4G meaning the 4th Generation of Data Technology for cellular networks and LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and it is nothing more than the path used to go from 3G to 4G speed, or at least "try" to reach the 4G speed defined by the International Telecommunication Union.
Hackers would use any 4G LTE Network based off a "fail-safe", used typically during a natural disaster/ emergency or phone tower overloads requiring redirection. Fake LTE towers are used to downgrade a phone's LTE to 3G, then down to 2G where a lot of vulnerabilities can be exploited easily. 
In other words, they find the way to use these emergency protocols -that should only be used in case of emergency, of course-  to access the gate that will take them to ultimately hack and /or intercept on your phone. Ta da! It is genious.
When the infrastructure is compromised, your phone and all your data stored is in danger and more so if you do not have any type of end to end encryption it will be easier for them to steal your information - remember the big celebrity hacked photo scandals in the past year?- and use it for rather undefined and shady purposes. Having end to end encryption does not mean they will not have access to your phone but they will not be able to actually see anything. See the difference? It is very important to always protect your data.
Do you have more questions? Please contact us today to work on the best security option for your phone data.


Toasters Can Be Hacked, So Can Smart Devices
November 08 2018 0 comment

Toasters Can Be Hacked, So Can Smart Devices

Sixteen years have passed since the only thing you have to do to install viruses was connect to the internet. Now with Firewalls being a standar part of Windows those days are only part of the good old days - for hackers, of course.
"Rooting" a device means having administrative rights on the file system of the device. With root access you can install and uninstall anything on a phone, for example. In the case of phones, usually manufacturers do not give you unlimited access to the operating system to avoid accidentally uninstall or mess with something you should not touch.
So, when you "root" your device you are just unlocking the operating system privileges the manufacturer has blocked. You are basically "hacking" into your own phone. If a hacker "hacks into your phone" is because you didn't have enough protection, and that reflects nothing but lack of interest in protecting your data because it is SO EASY to protect your information nowadays.
But what happens if you connect a toaster to the internet? (yes, a toaster!) The crew of The Atlantic Magazine connected a toaster and it was hacked in an hour. Hackers are out there....even trying to get into toasters. Now again, why do you think your data is safe? Think about the number of sloppy things we all have done in the past, security wise and evaluate if this time you are not making that small mistake that will leave your data unprotected in the vastness of the internet.
How important is your data? Let us know if you want to protect in the best of ways that huge treasure that is your information.